Prior to Surgery:

The night before surgery, do not have anything to eat or drink after midnight.  If the patient has been instructed otherwise during their pre-admission testing appointment, follow those instructions.
If the surgery is being performed here in the office, the patient may have their normal diet.

What to Expect:

  • There is usually little to no pain after this procedure. If there is pain, this can be controlled with Tylenol® (acetaminophen) in pill, suspension or suppository form.
  • Some patients may have drainage from their ear(s). This is not unusual. Eardrops may be prescribed. Keep all eardrops for possible use in the future.  If  ear drainage develops and drops have been have not been prescribed, call the office.
  • If the patient was on antibiotics for an ear infection prior to the surgery, the doctor will instruct you whether or not to continue them afterwards.
  • Call our office if the patient has a fever of over 101°.


  • The affected ear(s) must be kept dry after this procedure. Bathing and showering is permitted with the following precautions: Do not allow shower water to run directly into the ear(s). Do not dunk the head in dirty tub water or soapy water. It is best to rinse hair with the water from the back of the head forward. This allows the flaps of the ear lobe to prevent water from going in the ears. A cotton ball coated completely with Vaseline® may be placed in the affected ear(s) if it is difficult to keep the ear(s) dry while bathing or showering.
  • Swimming is permitted as well, with the following restrictions. Earplugs are not needed for surface swimming. Plugs must be worn for swimming when the head goes one foot or more below the surface of the water. There are many types of earplugs available. The best and most reliable are custom-fitted earplugs. These are made by making a mold of the ear. They offer the most water-tight seal possible. Their cost is not covered by most health insurance carriers. An appointment can be made to have these molded at our office. Other types of ear plugs available at our office and over the counter include rubber, silicone, and wax plugs. Again, these must be worn for all swimming other than surface swimming.
  • There are no physical or dietary restrictions after this surgery. The patient may return to work, school, or day care the following day.
  • Follow-up in our office as scheduled, or please call our office to make this appointment. The patient may also require a hearing test at this visit.

Please call 610-374-5599 with any questions or concerns.