Prior to Surgery:

It is important to stop taking aspirin two weeks prior to surgery, and ibuprofen (Motrin®, Advil®, Nuprin®, etc.) and Aleve® one week prior to surgery.

The night before surgery, do not have anything to eat or drink after midnight. If the patient has been instructed otherwise during their pre-admission testing appointment, follow those instructions.

What to Expect:

  • For the first one to two weeks after surgery, there will be a mild to moderate amount of pain in the neck, side of the face, jaw, ear, or throat. This can be controlled with prescription pain medicine received at hospital discharge or Tylenol® (acetaminophen). Ice may be applied to the affected area to help reduce pain and swelling.
  • The patient may have numbness, tingling and pain in the ear and ear lobe on the affected side after parotid surgery. This may last a long time but will become less noticeable with time.
  • It is important to maintain hydration by drinking lots of fluids after the procedure. There may be discomfort during eating, and swallowing hard, crunchy foods may cause increased discomfort in the involved region.
  • Swelling in the neck is normal and will peak in 2-3 days.  Call our office if the incision swells excessively, becomes increasingly red and or starts to drain.
  • Call our office if the patient has a fever over 101°.
  • An antibiotic may be prescribed after the surgery to prevent infection.
  • Apply Bacitracin® (triple antibiotic) ointment to the incision twice a day or as instructed.


  • For the first two nights after surgery, the patient can sleep with their head elevated on two or three pillows to try to minimize swelling.
  • Refrain from vigorous activity for the first week after surgery. Do not lift objects weighing over 10-15 pounds. Your surgeon may ask you to rest for a longer period of time depending on the procedure performed.
  • Driving is prohibited while taking prescription pain medicine. Check with the office if there is concern about whether or not the patient may drive.
  • Dietary suggestions are noted above. There are no dietary restrictions unless the surgeons has specifically noted this.
  • Avoid taking aspirin or aspirin-containing products for ten days after surgery.
  • Follow-up in our office as scheduled, or please call to make this appointment.

Please call 610-374-5599 with any questions or concerns.